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Streetpace Entertainment Inc



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Streetpace Entertainment


  • Joey Quarles

  • STREETPACE ENTERTAINMENT 250 S. San Fernando Burbank ,CA 91502 (818) 209-9166 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Thank you very much for your interest in Streetpace Entertainment Group Inc. Streetpace
    specializes in “Early indicator” and “Life of project” promotional and marketing services for
    Independent as well as established artists and labels. Our objective is to provide a professional
    results driven campaign that will increase product awareness, visibility and sales.
    Streetpace has created strong strategic partnerships with radio, retail and social media to secure
    product awareness and national visibility, making sure that the music is not just HEARD but
    Streetpace markets music to all levels of radio and retail, which include Pandora, On Demand,
    Rhapsody, Yahoo, MTV & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters, Satellite, College, and Terrestrial
    Radio stations. Although our primary focus is monitored stations and stores, we also service
    music to non-commercial and non-reporting stations to ensure maximum exposure. Streetpace
    secures airplay and chart activity on monitored radio stations and stores that report sales and
    airplay data to tracking systems such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase, Digital
    Radio Tracker (DRT), CMJ and Soundscan. These companies also report their data to various
    industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB, and CMJ.
    Our radio programs are presented in 2 stages: The first stage is to establish a national or regional
    buzz. This is done by targeting key digital, and terrestrial stations that are significant in terms of
    antenna reach and/or reporting status. The air-play is secured based on the strength of the track
    and feedback from the listening audience. As the activity builds “These markets will become
    your “targets.”
    Our Stage 2 campaign will secure Mediabase/BDS stations only. Once the buzz is created in
    target markets we can confidently build airplay in major markets knowing that the track will
    perform and receive the maximum amount of spins.
    Depending on the established format of the single, key reporting mix-shows will be targeted for
    test and rotations. Major market stations will usually not add an up-tempo track to rotation
    without knowing that it has tested positively in the mix-show segments at radio. Most mix-shows
    run from Thursday through Saturday between the hours of 6 P.M. and 10.PM
    This is an eight (8) week campaign targeting digital radio stations nationwide. As a
    result of the airplay your song has the potential to chart on the National Top 200
    Independent chart and the National Top 50 airplay chart. These charts provide a
    publicity edge for labels and will secure increased leverage for further promotion.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Media Requirements
    Please submit a broadcast quality mp3 along with a bio and jpg artist image. The
    campaign will begin immediately and continue for 8 weeks securing over 4,800 spins
    by campaign end. The campaign will target Digital Media Stations in major
    markets such as Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland etc.
    Airplay reports generated by DRT (Digital Radio Tracker)
    CD’s for radio servicing must be serviced with digital art containing the following: Artist name,
    song title, time lengths and publishing information. The CD-Pro must be serviced with the radio
    edit being track #1. The CD pro for radio should not contain more than the focus track.
    Additional mixes are ok.
    Over time, our team has developed relationships with key independent and major account
    trendsetters that help develop sales and awareness at the street level through In-store play,
    product visibility and word of mouth advertising.
    Most independent retail stores buy on a weekly or day-to- day schedule based on popular music
    trends. This fact makes it very difficult for a store buyer with a limited purchasing dollars to take
    a chance on a new or developing title. Our retail marketing and product placement campaign
    successfully over-rides this issue. Once in place, the following marketing activities will occur.
    1. Advertising via product placement
    2. Word of mouth activity created via over-the –counter sales
    3. In-Store play
    4. Where to buy (Distributor/ On-line Resource)
    5. Sales data reported to Soundscan for charting.
    This campaign targets key independent retail stores nationwide for early development of sales
    and awareness. The retail stores are a mix of barometer and trendsetter retail stores that are key
    for developing new product. Retail stores are called on a weekly basis to provide updates on
    radio, publicity, touring and other events that may be vital to the growth of the project.
    Retailers are asked to place product at or as near to the counter as possible so that it can be easily
    seen by the consumer. We also encourage the store manager to add the single or album to its list
    of in-store- play items. Securing space for posters, post-cards or other point of purchase items is
    also requested.
    The Retail Awareness campaign targets key stores in active radio or publicity markets. As the
    project develops at radio, we will micro market and service key retailers in developing areas with
    in-store play copies, bio information along with current radio and publicity stats. The sales data
    is reported to Soundscan each week for Billboard Charting.
    Product needed: 300 commercial singles or full CD’s with shrink-wrap, art and UPC code.
    Each store is provided with a package containing CD singles and a one-sheet detailing the UPC
    code, Distributor, Artist, Title and Genera. If available, the package can include a poster,
    postcard, radio update, touring schedule or any other information viable for the release. Your
    single is also sent to Billboard’s chart manager who validates the single for charting.

    The social media revolution is upon us, and gaining online traction is no longer just about mass
    broadcasting. High personal touch and niche marketing are critical components for success in
    today’s “new” music business. Artists must now focus more on building and engaging
    communities. Employing strategies to stay one step ahead is critical. On the Internet, fans are no
    longer just customers they have now become the media.
    Artists who understand how to authentically connect with this new breed of
    Interactive new media fan are reaping the benefits by engaging them like never before.
    The New Realities of Making an Online Impact:
    “A study by New York University's Stern Business School tracked blogging
    activity around 108 albums for four weeks before and after their release dates. The study showed
    that, if 40 or more blog posts were made before an album's release sales ended up being three to
    four times the average for both indie and major releases. If blog posts crossed 250, album sales
    rose to six times the average regardless of label…in a fractured media landscape it seems to be
    the cumulative effect of a multitude of impressions that matters.”
    The 4 Major Benefits of Cyber Marketing
    A Cyber Marketing campaign is designed to increase overall exposure and lay a virtual
    cornerstone to build on. We guarantee coverage and place a heavy focus on educating our artists
    so that they become empowered by, not victims of, their online strategy.
    1. Customized Campaigns: Each campaign target list is custom designed based on artists
    musical genres, gender, special niches or hobbies, and hometown.
    2. Real Time Reports: Our updates and reports are available from the moment the campaign
    starts. There is never any waiting for weekly reports. We will forward all new
    developments the moment they are secured.
    3. We Guarantee Results: The increased online presence gets your name out to a wider
    audience and helps you keep your fans as long term, engaged customers.
    This includes marketing to Twitter, Soundcloud, Instragram, and YouTube building fans, likes,
    and views to your pages.
    Radio reports are provided on a weekly basis detailing new adds, comments, interview request
    etc. Soundscan and BDS reports will also be provided as the project develops.
    Please call or email (818)-209- 9166/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Thank you,



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