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 Americana Media Productions is an Americana / Bluegrass radio promotion company. 

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Coming in February
Coming in Late January- Arlan Feiles - What Kind Of World?
Coming in April- James Hyland- Western
Coming in Late January -Nick Justice- The Road Not Taken
Nick Justice- The Road Not Taken                                             
Henrietta SwanGet Together
First SingleThe Road To Hell MP3
2nd Single Get Together MP3
Her haunting lyrics and soulful voice. Their swampy rhythms and hook-filled melodies. A new chapter in Americana! Ladies and Gentlemen, HENRIETTA SWAN. We named the band in honor of, and inspired by a scientific hero: Henrietta Swan Leavitt (1868-1921) an American astronomer.
(Music Reviewer - BobbyM)  Henrietta Swan is quite possibly the only Americana band named after an astronomer. And not surprising, their ...
(Music Reviewer - LeeZ)
  Lest there be no mistake, Henrietta Swan is the name of an ad hoc combo, not any individual in particular. Much ...
(Music Reviewer - Eleni Austin)
  Henrietta Swan, named for the American Astronomer born in the 19th century, is an Americana band based in Nashville. ...
(Music Reviewer - Jim Hynes)
  Yes, it’s that “Get Together,” written by Chet Powers in 1963 that became an anthem song for the ‘70s generation ...
(Music Reviewer - David McIntosh)
  “Get Together,” the title track to Henrietta Swan’s project, is one of those truly evergreen songs.  Written ...
6 Music Review - `Get Together` by Henrietta Swan (jm)
(Music Reviewer - John B Moore)
Henrietta Swan- Get Together (click on image to watch video)  7 November 2019   Henrietta Swan is quite possibly the only Americana band named after an astronomer. And not surprising, their sound ...
John Byrne BandFirst Single- Special Place In Hell  mp3
Watch new video for Special Place In Hell CLICK
New Video for "Hold That Against Me" Addresses Gay Rights in Ireland
Dublin native and Philadelphia resident, John Byrne leads his eponymously-named band. Their new record A Shiver in the Sky, recorded at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia and produced by long-time collaborator Andy Keenan, shows his band of multi-instrumentalists vibrantly executing ten new originals. Strings, horns and guitars escort Byrne’s vocals through a set of songs about living and pushing forward through negative times. The album comes out today, and he released a new video for "Hold That Against Me". The song is about his brother's fight to be accepted as a gay man in the Ireland of the 90s, he wrote it after the Marriage Equality referendum there a couple of years ago in which same sex marriage was overwhelmingly supported by the people of Ireland.
Watch the Video
Following up After the Wake (2011), Celtic Folk (2013) and The Immigrant and the Orphan(2015), A Shiver in the Sky focuses on triumph over trauma. Of this set of songs Byrne says, “Things will happen to you, and they can be immensely painful, but they will pass. And if you don’t let them break you there will be a new version of yourself that emerges and has learned the skills to live with this pain. There are cautionary tales, songs about dealing with addiction, about immigration, about relationships of all kinds, about facing prejudice, about leaving things behind. They all ultimately carry a similar message, that living carries with it the possibility of balancing out regret or mistakes that you’ve made with a future that contains something brighter. The Shiver in the Sky is the past, it’s the remnants of trauma, it never fully leaves us, but it fades with time."
With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Planxty, John’s songwriting honors and expands upon the musical and lyrical traditions of his native and adopted homes. Critics have called his writing “powerful, deeply moving work that will stay with you long after you have heard it” (Michael Tearson-Sing Out). Both as a solo/acoustic act, and a full 6-piece band, John logs in over 150 shows per year, building a loyal and devoted following. John spent 2017/18 recording and releasing an album of folk songs with his father John Sr. Released under the name John J.Byrne and the Twangmen, the album has been included in the National Folk Music Archives in Ireland.
John Byrne on tour
Critical Acclaim:
Byrne’s songs are rich with the sounds and themes of Irish tradition, one that survives in a modern world… full of raw strength… puts me in mind of an Irish Alejandro Escavedo” Sing Out
“The Vibe of it (The Immigrant and the Orphan) is, at once, as rough as rock and as elegant as a calm ocean..each song on this album carries an honesty, integrity and quiet passion that will draw you into its world for years to come” No Depression
“One of the few musical artists today who truly manage to be traditional and modern at the same time.” Philadelphia Inquirer
“He’s good, period, with material that’s edgy yet accessible in a Luka Bloom meets Bob Dylan kind of way.” Philadelphia Daily News
(Music Reviewer - David Maciotra)
 The fourth record from The John Byrne Band offers robust engagement with the hopeful promise of living. A multicultural ...
(Music Reviewer - Lee Zimmerman)
  It practically goes without saying that John Byrne has pursued a singular career. With a wide array of ...
(Music Reviewer - John B Moore)
John Byrne Band- A Shiver in the Sky (click on image to watch video)  31 October 2019   At the core of the John Byrne Band’s fourth LP, A Shiver In The Sky is a mix of traditional and modern folk. ...
(Music Reviewer - Jim Hynes)
John Byrne Band -  A Shiver in the Sky (click on image to watch video) 30 October 2019    Perhaps it’s because this writer saw Mike Scott and The Waterboys recently, in John Byrne’s hometown of ...
(Music Reviewer - Eleni Austin)
John Byrne Band - A Shiver in the Sky  (click on image to watch video)  24 October 2019   The John Byrne Band has been part of the thriving Philadelphia music scene for more than a decade. The ...
(Music Reviewer - David Maciotra)
The John Byrne Band - A Shiver in the Sky  (click on image to watch video) 14 October 2019   The fourth record from The John Byrne Band offers robust engagement with the hopeful promise ...
Second Single- Love, Release Me -mp3
First Single- Heart on Fire-mp3
Full CD Zip
(Music Reviewer - Lee Zimmerman )
Some artists sacrifice for their art. Abby Brown has done much more. She’s literally overcome the many obstacles ...
(Music Reviewer - Eleni Austin)
  Abby Brown has been pursuing a career in music since she was a kid. First with her siblings as The Brown Sisters ...
(Music Reviewer - Jim Hynes)
   Heart on Fire is the second EP for Boston-based Abby Brown following her acclaimed Gypsy Soul on this same label, ...
(Music Reviewer - David MacIntosh)
  Abby Brown started young, at the tender age of seven. She and her two young sisters even harmonized together in the ...
5. Music Review - `Heart On Fire` by Abby Brown (jm)
(Music Reviewer - John B Moore)
Abby Brown- Heart On Fire  (click on image to watch video)  7 November 2019   Boulder native Abby Brown fulfills the promise of her last EP with her latest, Heart on Fire. Much like that 2018 ...
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