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When an artist like Nick Justice comes along, one has to wonder why he’s never gotten notice before. Indeed, Justice seems to have tapped into a vintage form of expression -- one that blends the essential elements of archival country, folk, and blues while avoiding the confines of any one of those genres in particular. It’s a combination that’s reverent and reliable in its delivery, without feeling the need to fit any contemporary context.
Indeed, Justice seems content to pattern himself simply as a journeyman musician, one whose acoustic trappings are tailored towards simplicity as opposed to any frivolous embellishment. There’s an absolute sincerity imbued in his sentiment, and on songs such as “It Takes Two,” “Wicked Lies” and “Fight My Way Back Home,” he allows those earnest intents to set both the tone and the timbre. The sparse arrangements often create a sobering sound -- one that resonates most decidedly on entries like “Remember Me” and “Sometimes It Falls On Me,” each offering an approach that’s so convincing, no elaboration is even needed. Likewise, the bluesy “Dancin’ Shoes” delves even deeper, again allowing the feelings to come clearly to the fore.
That’s not to say Justice lacks levity. Far from it, in fact. The easy amble that accompanies the title track and the obvious affection invested in “She’s My Lover” demonstrate a decided charm and engagement. Yet Justice clearly isn’t interested in putting on airs, and given his unfettered approach, it would be fairly fruitless for him even to try. It’s evident at the outset that he and producer/engineer Richard Bredice much prefer to rely on their traditional trappings, ensuring that honesty and integrity resonate throughout. Suffice it to say, whatever attention Justice receives is decidedly deserved. 
Matt Ellis -Rambler Pacifico
First Single- SOME PEOPLE mp3
Second Single- If I Had A Hammer mp3
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Music Review Bobby Moore  Jim Hynes
Matt Ellis Rambler Pacifico March 29, 2019 This is the sixth album for Australian, now Southern Californian resident Matt Ellis. Ellis cut his teeth in his native Sydney, where he became a well-recognized indie artist before relocating...   ReadMore




2nd Single  Talking To God
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Dean James & The Black Dogs -- Truth

By Lee Zimmerman


Music Review - "Truth" by Dean James & The Black…
20-02-2019 Music Contributor - Lee Zimmerman
Dean James & The Black Dogs -- Truth    (Click on image to watch video)  19 Feb 2019   Dean James may hail from the north of England, but his music sounds as if it originated in America’s deep south,...   Read More
James Dean & The Black Dogs  -  Truth by Jim Hynes
23 February 2019  
Dean James is a UK musician that has been playing for 15 years as a solo artist or fronting his own...
Sometimes it seems that people who've been through the toughest times are the ones who are the most appreciative of life. Rather than dwelling in bitterness, regret or sorrow, they're alive to the moment and determined to live it to its fullest potential. 
Sam is one of those people. He's also one of the people who've served our country and helped keep it safe so we can all live all our moments to their fullest. Look around you. We're sure you know a Sam... or maybe a Samantha. 
Play "Out if Gas" for them and tell them "Keep dancing till there are no more songs to play!"   And don't forget to tell them, "Thanks for your service!"
Junior Cheyne
First Single   Existential Frontiers mp3
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White Owl Red's third studio album

Existential Frontiers is the third studio album by White Owl Red, a San Francisco-based alt-country band fronted by singer/songwriter J. Josef McManus. His debut record, 2014’s American Ash landed on the Americana Music Association Charts (AMA) and held a spot there for fourteen weeks. His second album, 2017’s Naked and Falling Naked and Falling Charted on the AMA top 100, FAR Chart top 10 and ranked in the top 100 albums of 2017 by Alternate Root.  This is clearly a band on the rise and Existential Frontiers will likely raise their trajectory.

Joining McManus are drummer Kyle Caprista (Chuck Prophet, Megan Slankard) and guitarist Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart, Ben Lee). McManus has one of those classic twang voices with long drawn out words like Hayes Carll or Ray Wylie Hubbard. At times you’d swear he was from Texas, not San Francisco. Yet, there’s a West Coast feel to the music too, hearkening back at times to classic country rock sounds of the Byrds and Burritos. Some hear elements of the Dead but perhaps the best comparison is the San Francisco band from the ‘90s, American Music Club.  Like that band, White Owl Red uses small dashes of psychedelia, as if to remind us that they are inherently San Francisco at heart.

The opening title track, already released as a single and YouTube video, is a swinging country rocker. It’s an arousing beginning that quickly yields to the mid-tempo, brooding “Breaking Away.” McManus displays his true gift for melody in “Everything But Crying” and the lilting “Good Morning Moonshine.” The tongue-in-cheek “I’m a Saint” reveals a punk country style that segues to the acoustic folk-like “Love Her Still.” 

“More, More, More” is a haunting up-tempo tune, propelled by McManus’s drawn-out phrasing and polyrhythms from Caprista. Again, in keeping with the pattern, the tempo slows for the languorous, spacey “See Through Me” and picks up only slightly for the folk-like “Set Me Free” that has a nice dobro break from Mathews. This sets us up for perhaps the strongest track, the churning rock anthem “Union Fight Song.” McManus speaks for the government workers summoning Joe Hill and John Henry as he sings “We’re gonna show you with a red, white and blue union can do.”

Piano chords introduce the brooding “Hand-Me-Down Girl” that leads into the bouncy, singalong “Star-crossed Lover.” “Take a Good Look” is another rapid tempo twangy tune bordering on punk country before closing with the harmonica-infused Dylanesque “Wishing You Well.”

Despite the modest success of their first two albums, White Owl Red remains lightly under the radar. McManus and his band are as good as any on today’s Americana scene. There are several tunes that are ideal for airplay here so perhaps this will rightly elevate their status. McManus is a better songwriter than most.  With the talents of his bandmates, they deliver a nice mix of tunes shifting between alt-country to folk to some terrific rocking moments.

  • Jim Hynes
2nd Single BING BANG BOOM mp3
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Carry Me Back/Jeff Mamett is on Making A Scene Magazine's list of top 40 Americana CD's for 2018 
— Viola Krouse- Making a Scene Magazine December 2018 
Guy Clark-style songwriting...he paints vivid worlds...and makes them more colourful with flourishes of Western flair and John Prine-level wordplay 
— Wide Open Country’s Artists to Watch: Bobby Moore, September 2018 
JEFF MAMETT/Carry Me Back: ... hits all the right notes in unfurling it's vast charms, you ain't heard nothing like this since we all went back to Luchenbach with Willie, Waylon and the boys. Hot stuff. 
— Chris Spector - MIDWEST RECORD - December 2018
Mamett’s voice has the kind of low country tones that render his vocals instantly classic...Carry Me Back Is A Cattle Drive Down The Plains With A Cowboy Poet 
— Mark Joseph Engleson - Americana Highways September 2018 
As evident from the opening song from Carry Me Back, Jeff Mamett is the real deal. ...pure country...this album doesn’t rock … ever, but it sure does roll. This is a true Country and Western artist. ” 
— Viola Krouse- Making a Scene Magazine September 2018
2nd Single-  Shine On Baby
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Music Review - "Driven" by Artie Tobia 
21-02-2019 Music Contributor - Bobby Moore
Artie Tobia -- "Driven"     21 Feb 2019    Artie Tobia’s genre-defiant mix of blues, jazz and swampy rock ‘n’ roll sounds more like something from Capricorn Records’ heyday down in Macon, Ga....   Read More
way!” ~D.B.      Full CD 320k mp3 Zip
It takes a confident and gritty artist to tackle a song in front of a crowd, never mind on a recorded work, that has so much notoriety from the original artist.
Andrew Hendryx first came across my eardrums around a decade ago through his work with the Brooklyn based band Yarn. His mandolin playing, particularly on the electric, was one of the most exciting sounds I had heard in a long while. It was innovative, he is a true visionary for the instrument in ways I had not seen before and he returns with a solo effort (with help from some pretty heavy hitting friends) on this first single from his forthcoming “Deep River”.
The remnants of jamminess coat the edges of the tune, but it’s a strong vocal and his wonderful mandolin arrangement that is the anchor to the track at large. Those vocals are provided courtesy of Dan Lotti of Dangermuffin, who Hendryx is currently on tour with. And amidst the din of such a heavily instrumented track it can be hard to stand out, but Andrew’s mandolin playing, distinct and powerful in its nature, rises and sits above the moving current of the rest of the band.
The rest of the record that this first release comes from is anticipated sometime this month to be determined, but keep a keen ear and eye out for when it drops. The record features a smorgasbord of other jam infused, traditionally influenced where the band indeed shines, but more so bolsters up Hendryx’s playing and allows the artist to free himself in a way where he shines. There is an undeniable vibe and ebb and flow to the tunes…a collection you will revisit again and again.
Review from
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