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 Americana Media Productions is an Americana / Bluegrass radio promotion company. 

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John Byrne BandFirst Single- Special Place In Hell  mp3
Watch new video for the single CLICK
Henrietta SwanGet Together
First Single- The Road To Hell MP3
Her haunting lyrics and soulful voice. Their swampy rhythms and hook-filled melodies. A new chapter in Americana! Ladies and Gentlemen, HENRIETTA SWAN. We named the band in honor of and inspired by a scientific hero: Henrietta Swan Leavitt (1868-1921) the American astronomer. We’re a virtual band, comprised of musicians, poets, and engineers from different parts of the US that collaborate both via the Internet and in-person to create our music. Then, all of the parts are assembled, mixed and mastered in Nashville, TN. Thanks for listening and please enjoy our musical creations! The Swansters
First Single- Heart on Fire-mp3
Not even congenital hearing loss was going to stop Abby
Brown from becoming an all-around singer, musician
and stage performer. Born prematurely and surviving
numerous spinal surgeries before the age of 11, Abby
persisted and found her true calling in music - and never wavered from pursuing her dream even at an age when she could barely fit her fingers around a six-string. Based on the critically-acclaimed success of her debut EP “Gypsy Soul”, which has achieved very strong Spotify plays and numerous pick-ups across the social media landscape, Brown just put the finishing touches on her second EP coming in November. Both records are on the Pure Music Nashville label, which signed Abby in 2016 without hesitation when an A&R rep for the label first heard her perform. As the eldest of seven in a close-knit, blended family, Abby pulls from her diverse background living in half a dozen cities around the U.S. and her time on the road as a musician. Her first live gigs started at the age of seven in her then hometown of Boston, where she soon rose to prominence at the local level both as a solo performer and with two of her sisters in a band that would eventually become known as Flatiron Junction. The sister trio has since performed around the country, and most notably, the National Anthem at Boston's legendary Fenway Park and at Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies. HEART ON FIRE features 3 songs written by Abby, complemented by an artful cover of Maren Morris’
Walt Cronin & The Gousters
First Single Way Back Home mp3
"Walt Cronin is an exceptional songwriter with a keen sense of history and a pertinent perspective. It’s a skill set that’s paid off well, making it little wonder that his four previous albums have secured placement on the Americana, folk, and crossover country charts. A singer who possesses a rich baritone -- think Johnny Cash sitting at the poker table with Nick Cave -- he gives his songs a gravitas that resonates with depth and meaning. Indeed, he now has a cause to which he can dedicate his energies and intents, that being Veterans for Peace, an organization that connects to his previous experience as a navy medic attached to a contingent of marines in Vietnam.".  Lee Zimmerman
Interrupted by Renele  First Single "If I Ain't Broke" mp3
Renele is a different kind of duo project in this year of Americana duos. This is not a husband and wife or male and female team. Renele is a twin sister Americana project from Renee and Michele DiSisto. In fact, weighing in at only six songs, we should technically consider this and EP. Nonetheless, we know that hard work and preparation went into these half dozen songs, four of them written by the sisters with two from experienced music veteran and Renee’s husband, Tom MacLear Rod StewartAnnie Lennox, Ry Cooder) who produced, recorded and played many of the instruments.
Renee sings lead and plays acoustic guitar while Michele plays drums and provides backing vocals. MacLear plays numerous instruments while Billy Watts (Lucinda Williams, Carlene Carter)) adds lead guitar, Dave Pearlman (Fools Gold) mans the pedal steel and Larry Zack (drums) and Mark Indictor (fiddle) also contribute. That forms an impressive roster for a project that apparently took a little over six months to complete, likely due to scheduling studio time with these in-demand players. 
All of the songs pulsate with ringing electric and piercing slide guitars and the disc seems to really call out for a weeping country ballad which is sadly missing. Nonetheless, the strongest track is the one that most resembles a ballad, as it least begins that way, is “Why Come Home.” Not surprisingly it has released as a single with “He Loved Me With Those Eyes” as the other single. The lyrics to the former prove that the twins have the country approach well in hand – “Mama, I’m not getting/Married today/He done drunk his life away/What’s a girl to do/I gone packed up my truck/I could see those dogs /Staring at me in my rearview…”  As Steve
Goodman and John Prine wrote in “She Never Called Me by My Name,” it has the requisite references to drinking, trucks, failed love, dogs, ….just about everything but a train. 
Renele is clearly not out to blaze new ground. Instead, they offer eminently listenable, punchy, upbeat stuff. Next, we hope to see a full-length album that demonstrates a bit more versatility but this grand entrance is just fine for starters.   - Jim Hynes
2nd Single The Feeling of Empty  mp3
Jeremy Woodstock, Ariana Gillis (from the self-released The Maze)
Toronto singer-songwriter Ariana Gillis has just joined an extraordinary list of artists that includes Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson and Patty Griffin.  All have worked with producer Buddy Miller, who assisted Gillis on the newly released The Maze.
Gillis has an evocative voice, figuratively and literally.  Her voice balances fragility with confidence.  It is both soothing and ethereal, at times recalling a more subdued Ani DiFranco.  She wraps it around lyrics that are full of imagery yet have a layer of abstraction so as to encourage focused listening. 
“Rock It Like Fantastic” is a stirring ode to her mother, reflecting on the experience that comes with age while also revealing the singer’s fears and insecurities.  “Jeremy Woodstock” is a poignant fairytale conversation between a man dealing with indescribable tragedy and his own heart’s attempt to restore his spirit.
Said the heart to the man,
“I am not your enemy,
Let me fill you up, let me help you breathe.
Let me make your veins pulse, let me make your lungs rise,
Let me make your mind burst, put me back inside,
I will be your best friend; I won’t let bad happen, Please!”
Miller’s production is immaculate.  A bit of pedal steel here, some banjo there and even his own gentle harmony on “Dream Street”.  All are subtly layered around Gillis’ voice, acoustic guitar and songs.  The results are eloquent and magical.
“I have been a fan of Ariana Gillis since discovering her music on satellite radio…something rare and unseen – genuine, un-calculated, un-co-opted, art from a soulful gem.” 
– Grammy Award-winner, Buddy Miller
New CD heading your way This Month
Rob "Splatt" Appelblatt- "Weathervane".wav
Rob aka “SPLATT” by his friends is a New Yorker living on Long Island. He picked up the guitar a bit later in life after college however, a demanding career in TV commercial production kept him way too busy to focus on music. In 2017 Rob attended Steve Earle’s week-long songwriting retreat “Camp Copperhead” in beautiful Big Indian, NY and shortly after found a newly fueled passion for songwriting and performing. Rob’s songs are a soulful blend of roots rock, country, folk, and blues known collectively as “Americana” music. Among others, he credits Bruce Springsteen, John Prine, Hank Williams, Guy Clarke + Steve Earle as his greatest influences. 
His debut album “Weathervane” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in the Spring of 2019 and is due to release on July 19 2019.
Review from Jim Hynes  Read More
Review from Lee Zimmerman  Read More
Music Review - `Weathervane` Rob "Splatt" Appelblatt (Dan MacIntosh)
"If you love early Steve Earle and Chris Knight, chances are good you’ll also appreciate Rob “Splatt” Appelblatt’s Weathervane. Appelblatt sings these ten songs with one of those unvarnished, country voices, and writes songs relatable for most average Americans."
Shaun Murphy- Reason to Try Watch Video
First Single: Casino Lights-mp3
Diversion Records Recording Artist Pete Mancini got his start as the frontman and primary songwriter of Butchers Blind, a critically acclaimed rock band from NYC. His debut solo album Foothill Freeway explored the Americana influences that were a hallmark of his work with his former band.
In 2018, he released a live EP, Alive in Patchogue. Since signing with Diversion Records, Mancini has released three singles, Pine Box Derby, DUI Blues, and My Hometown. His second full-length album Flying First Class was released in 2019. Mancini’s songs have received glowing reviews and radio airplay around the world, and they continue to win over hearts and minds wherever they are heard.
Over the years, Mancini has opened for acts such as Blues Traveler, Gin Blossoms, Pure Prairie League, Robbie Fulks, James Maddock, Marah, Steve Forbert, Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, Kevin Gordon, and Iain Matthews.  More
Review from Jim Hynes  Read More
Review from Lee Zimmerman Read More
Jay Ryan Beretti- Superman     First Single- Bensonhurst Blues mp3
Jay Ryan Beretti was revealed to audiences of major American Music Festivals in France in 1997.
It all started in 1977. At the age of 5, he discovered Elvis Presley who became his idol, and in the following years, he discovered Rock'n'Roll, the Blues, Gospel and Country Music.
Born in Saint-Etienne (France) in 1972, Jay experienced local success at the age of 17 at his high school with his first group "The Pain Flowers". In 1995, he won the European "Elvis Presley contest" on the French Riviera in France and opened the show for D.J. Fontana, Elvis's legendary drummer.
The year 1997 was decisive. He played the biggest American Music Festivals (Mirande, Country Festival Côte d'Azur,Gramat, etc...). He was selected by Graceland to represent France at Memphis in August during the tribute paid to Elvis Presley 20 years after his death and went down a storm. At this time, he appeared on the French National TV channel TF1. The same month, he toured the US opening for Big Al Downing and staggering the American public with his powerful voice, swagger and stage antics.
After this big success, Big Al Downing decided to write seven songs for Jay and to produce his first album "Runaway Heart". Jerry Phillips (son of Sam Phillips who is the founder of the legendary "Sun Records" in Memphis) provided two songs, "Cadillac Man" and "Happy at home" which is released for the first time. An amazing production for a first album! In September 2001, Jay started a new tour in the United States, appearing at such famous venues as "Rodeo Bar" in New-York, "Elvis Presley's Memphis, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey..... In 2003, "Runaway Heart" is released on the American market and reached TOP 50 in the "Americana charts". More
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