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Alt-Americana, Roots Radio Promotion

Americana Radio Promoter

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 "Life Of Project -the effective radio life of your project- 15-30 weeks

Includes: "Life Of Project" radio promotion, two promoters making calls to PDs /MDs..

Promotion to the Charts: FAR, AMA Airplay, Euro Americana, AirPlay Direct, AirPlay Direct Global, and Roots Music Report. Our Promotion Staff - Fred Boenig and Keith Parnell, provide a very hands on promotion plan designed for you.

You'll also receive :

An extensive Radio Database and instruction on marketing and promoting your project with "Social Media" and effective advertising.

You'll learn the "Ins and Outs" of the "Chart Business" and how actual airplay happens.

You'll learn the most effective way to promote a project, helping you avoid wasting money on common mistakes.

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Fred Boenig

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