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 Americana Media Productions is an Americana / Bluegrass radio promotion company. 

Promoting Independent Americana & Bluegrass

artists to Americana/Bluegrass radio stations reporting to the many American Roots  Bluegrass Music Charts including:

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We service over 200 US American Roots Music Stations

180 Bluegrass Stations

100+ International Stations and Blog Reviewers

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New video for "I was Never Lost" from the new James Hyland CD Western
Coming In the Mail this week.
First Single- "SWING IT YOUR WAY"mp3
A Western Swing Song about Mormon women getting the Vote- Fun and historically accurate!
(Music Reviewer - Chuck Armstrong)
James Hyland - Western  (click on image to watch video) 25 Month 2020   On James Hyland's new album, Western, he closes his opening track, "The Edge of Comancheria," with the haunting chorus, ...
(Music Reviewer - John B Moore)
James Hyland- Western (click on image to watch video)  12 March 2020   At 19 tracks and close to an hour-and-a-half of music, James Hyland’s latest, Western, is a pretty big commitment for the ...
(Music Reviewer - Jim Hynes)
  James Hyland has been making music in Austin since the turn of the millennium. Folks may know him best as the frontman ...
(Music Reviewer - Lee Zimmerman)
  James Hyland is a seasoned singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas who sings from a knowledge perspective. It’s evident ...
(Music Reviewer - Dan MacIntosh)
  James Hyland’s Western is a concept album, of sorts, as it details how the transcontinental railroad impacted the American ...
From the new video from Tara Thompson- "My Dogs Are Home" out April 14th on CMT
Click to Download the WAV
First Single- If I Were A Dinosaur.wav 
"While Feiles’ soulful style is mostly utilized in service to a series of searing ballads, the Dr. John New Orleans-style piano and shuffled rhythm of “If I Were a Dinosaur” injects some spunk and funk into the proceedings and amps ups the energy to a significant degree." Lee Zimmerman
Jon Fox- It Ain't Rain.wav   First Single from "American Dirt"

(Music Reviewer - JohnM)
Jon Fox- American Dirt (click on image to watch video)  21 February 2020   It would be easy to simply classify Jon Fox’s music as Americana, alongside a slew of other newer musicians coming out ...
(Music Reviewer - EleniA)
Jon Fox - American Dirt  (click on image to watch video)  20 February 2020   If Steve Forbert, Steely Dan, and Bruce Springsteen ever decided to collaborate, it might sound a bit like Jon Fox. ...
(Music Reviewer - DavidM)
Jon Fox - American Dirt 20 February 2020   Jon Fox is a singer/songwriter of abundant conviction, but his new collection of songs, “American Dirt,” would benefit from more discipline and direction. ...
(Music Reviewer - JimH)
Jon Fox-  American Dirt (click on image to watch video) 20 February 2020    The opening Dicky Betts-like guitar licks to Jon Fox’s American Dirt announce that he’s one of the southern rock disciples ...
(Music Reviewer - DanMac)
Jon Fox - American Dirt  (click on image to watch video)  9 February 2020   Jon Fox’s musical approach isn’t a new one. He sings a rocking style of country and writes smart and sometimes funny ...
(Music Reviewer - LeeZ)
Jon Fox -- American Dirt   (click on image to watch video)  6 February 2020   It’s apparent from the opening notes of Jon Fox’s excellent new album that he’s an unabashed enthusiast of Americana ...
First Single- TAKE ME HOME-mp3
Nick Justice- The Road Not Taken                                             
Jay Ryan Beretti- Superman   First Single-"Superman"
This guy has an AMAZING VOICE
(Music Reviewer - Jim Hynes)
Jay Ryan Beretti -  Superman (click on image to watch video) 06 February 2020    Jay Ryan Beretti was born and raised in France and Superman was recorded in Lyon with the backing on the French ...
(Music Reviewer - John B Moore)
Jay Ryan Beretti - Superman (click on image to watch video)  3 February 2019   If you ever wondered if Elvis mania made its way to France, Jay Ryan Beretti can answer that with an emphatic “Oui!” ...
(Music Reviewer - Bobb Moore)
Jay Ryan Beretti - Superman  (click on image to watch video)  31 January 2020   French rock ‘n’ roller Jay Ryan Beretti shines bright as a singer, guitarist, and lyricist on his latest set of ...
(Music Reviewer - Lee Zimmerman)
Jay Ryan Beretti -- Superman    (click on image to watch video)  27 January 2020   On his new album, tellingly titled Superman, Jay Ryan Beretti veers between the extremes of desperation and defiance. ...
(Music Reviewer - Dan MacIntosh)
Jay Ryan Beretti - Superman  (click on image to watch video)  27 January 2020   The title track of Jay Ryan Beretti’s album, “Superman (Flying in the Sky),” poses the question: “Have you ever ...
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