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Carry Me Back/Jeff Mamett is on Making A Scene Magazine's list of top 40 Americana CD's for 2018 
— Viola Krouse- Making a Scene Magazine December 2018 
Guy Clark-style songwriting...he paints vivid worlds...and makes them more colourful with flourishes of Western flair and John Prine-level wordplay 
— Wide Open Country’s Artists to Watch: Bobby Moore, September 2018 
JEFF MAMETT/Carry Me Back: ... hits all the right notes in unfurling it's vast charms, you ain't heard nothing like this since we all went back to Luchenbach with Willie, Waylon and the boys. Hot stuff. 
— Chris Spector - MIDWEST RECORD - December 2018
Mamett’s voice has the kind of low country tones that render his vocals instantly classic...Carry Me Back Is A Cattle Drive Down The Plains With A Cowboy Poet 
— Mark Joseph Engleson - Americana Highways September 2018 
As evident from the opening song from Carry Me Back, Jeff Mamett is the real deal. ...pure country...this album doesn’t rock … ever, but it sure does roll. This is a true Country and Western artist. ” 
— Viola Krouse- Making a Scene Magazine September 2018
2nd Single:  59 Stratocaster
For Immediate Release: The Bruce Smith Band will release their single, ‘59 Stratocaster, in memory of Buddy Holly, on September 7, 2018. 
The full-length CD, Til The Wheels Fall Off will be
released, Fall 2018.
Contact: Jo Rae Di Menno, Press Agent, at 512.554.2799 and at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information regarding Bruce Smith, jpegs and on-air spots."Just as Buddy lives on in his music and the lives he touched and continues to touch, that
spirit fills Bruce Smith's song "'59 Stratocaster", a poignant tribute to Buddy's beautiful spirit and promise."
-Maria Elena Holly
2nd Single-  Shine On Baby
A proven songwriter Artie Tobia (pronounced Tuh Buy Uh) offers Phoenix his first single off of Driven, his fifth full-length album. 
“I have been listening to Driven for the past few days and absolutely love it! Your songs seem more romantic and your lyrics touch the soul. There are a few that resonate with me. I love the sound of this album.” ~ Gail Corrow
“Driven is relatable, it’s fun; it’s a feel good record. It gets stuck in your head in a good way!” ~D.B.      Full CD 320k mp3 Zip
Matt Ellis -Rambler Pacifico
First Single- If I Had AHammer
“Rambler Pacifico” is a stream of folk-rock consciousness. A ramble of plain truths in a time of fake news. A collection of songs that speak to these times yet feel timeless. Recorded primarily in Ellis’ garage, these 11 songs kick and caress in equal parts. There’s enough twang to remain in the Americana club, yet there’s also a pop sensibility calling to a wider audience. ReadMore
2nd Single  Talk To God
Dean James has been learning his craft for over 15 years in the UK. Playing as a solo artist and fronting in many bands, he has finally found the perfect blend of world-renowned experience and sheer genius of musicianship in the “Black Dogs”. The Black Dogs are about to release their second album “Truth” which has many musical influences and genres including, Americana, Blues, Grunge and Soul. The Album has been mixed and mastered in the US and is to be released on the GEM label. Dean’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics are accompanied by foot stomping grooves that have a hypnotic effect on the audience. From melodic ballads to soaring heavy riffs, Dean James and the Black Dogs have it all. Tune in and see for yourself!
2nd Single- Angelia
Guitarist, singer/songwriter, hockey goalie, part-time colour analyst, wearer of boots year round and full time "hider from the sun" which is odd because he lives in Southern California. 

Bobbo grew up in Massachusetts and still has a bit of the east coast thing going when he says "fahkin-A" but has been working really hard to put the "r"'s in the words that need them and take them out of words that don't. People often mistake him for Canadian and that's alright because he's been on ice skates since before his third birthday and his favourite ice cream is maple walnut. 
His wife wishes he was around to cook breakfast more often and his mother calls him "Jerkface" because he makes fun of her terrible cooking. 
All in all he's a decent bloke who can fix a flat and can fix a broken guitar string in under a minute.
Oh, and he tours the world singing his songs with his Gibson acoustic that he's not afraid to run through a distortion pedal.

The Last Chance Medicine Show- with your "Most Humbled" host Chance Austin
This one was Lots of Fun
About as much fun as it's "legally" allowed on Terrestrial Radio-
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Roger Len Smith

Roger Len Smith- Raining on a Sunny Day



Davis Kathriner

Single-"Breakfast Table" feat(Laura Cantrell)

David Haerle - Garden of Edendale

1521583320 51x5AOQxebL. SS500

The last known recording of Charles Neville 

Get Ready for the upcoming release of the NEW Roger Salloom CD 

The last known recording of Charles Neville  

with Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater RevivalCharles Neville (Neville Brothers) 
Roger Salloom-Stu Cook-Charles Neville- "Knock Me A Kiss"
Roger Salloom- Don't Let My Country Wash Away