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Fred Boenig AKA "Chance Austin"

Americana Radio- WLVR- The Last Chance Medicine Show

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Keith Parnell AKA "I B Wonderful" host of "Americana 441"

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Keith Parnell- 30 years of Radio Experience

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AMC441 2012 

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Dale Watson-

"Jonesin for Jones"

Dana Cooper
"No Second Coming"
Kenny Butterill-
Good Thing That Couldn't Happen Here

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If you have to ask why you should hire us, than you don't know enough about what the Americana Format is all about.
Well "Salon"  included my son in this story- please check it out!
"My week in the right-wing lie machine: When Fox News, Twitchy and Montel Williams declared war on me"- Salon

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New Releases for 2014
1428445421 2BPTIDA-front-cover
2-Bit Palomino
Bill Hearne
"All That's Real"
 Kevin Deal
"Nothing Left To Prove"
Rodney Rice
"Empty Pockets and a Troubled Mind"
 1407976174 Fields Cover 1
Rob McHale- "Fields"
MattEllisGreatestEscape DigitalCover
Matt Ellis
"The Greatest Escape"
The Last Hombres
"Odd Fellows Rest"
1410881535 CD
James Hand 
"Stormclouds in Heaven"
1409682064 unnamed-1
Jim Keaveny "Out of Time"
#14 Euro Americana
#19 Root 66 Chart
Big John Mills Honkytonkology
Big John Mills  "Honkytonkology"
#27 Root 66 Chart
Kenny Butterill -Troubadour Tales
#2 Euro Americana
#6 Root 66 Chart
Record Label: Records
AirPlay Direct Link:
1412629898 Coverchip
Chip Taylor
"The Little Prayer Trilogy"

 Up Coming Projects Videos and Past Projects 


James Hand- I Wear The Scars

Brimstone Joe - Blind Lemon Pledge 2014


Underhill Rose: "Helpless Wanderer"

ROD MELANCON - "Marella" 

Yarn - Fussin' & Fightin' (Singin' Jim Croce)


Marina Rocks "Three Wishes" (Official Video)


Grant Peeples "You're a Slave to Your Imagination"

Kerri Powers- Buttercup

Wylie and the Wild West - 21st Century Blues

Ganey Arsement-Back To You
Shoebox Letters - Nowadays
Yarn- Bobby Weeks

Jane Kramer

Marina Rocks

Bo Porter

Patricia Vonne

Who Hit John?  

Underhill Rose


The Boxmasters- The Poor House

Chip Taylor "F#ck all the Perfect People"

Grammy Nominee Linda Chorney "Cherries"



Arlo-Country Joe- Underhill Rose-Hayes and Corb -Veterans Day \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

 Zoe Muth- Mama Needs a Margarita- WLVR

Big Kev Ploghoft- and Fred Boenig recording in the Homewood Suites in Nashville TN during AMA Conference-  Zoe Muth doing "If I Can't Trust You with a Quarter" Now that's Alt Americana

Big Kev Ploghoft and Fred Boenig taping a "Motel Time Again" show with Chuck Mead (Front man for BR549) during the AMA Conference 2012. Now that's Alt Americana!


Sam Tate Will ChamplinGreg Trooper Paul Thorn

Carlene CarterRaul Malo

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YARN- Shine The Light On

Heads for Top 20!


YARN Shine the Light ON
Download the New CD
Brand new acoustic album! Featuring tracks co-written with John Oates.
YARN LIVE @ The Clementine Cafe (Part 1) Feb. 23rd 2013
YARN LIVE @ The Clementine Cafe (Part 1) Feb. 23rd 2013
YARN Live @ The Clementine Cafe (Part 2) Feb. 23rd. 2013
YARN Live @ The Clementine Cafe (Part 2) Feb. 23rd. 2013
 New Release- "Comeback Kid"  Marina Rocks
Picking up stations like crazy-
Getting new Adds EVERY WEEK!!
Marina Rocks- Come Back Kid
Marina Rocks-
We are happy to announce that out of 700 entries Marina Rocks & her song
"Stuck n The Mud" were chosen as a finalist in the upcoming Kerrville New Folk Songwriter's Competition Kerrville,Texas
Other news of note:

Marina's new single release "Stuck in the Mud" is now playing in 13 Countries; Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand,Tasmania, England, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands ,Belgium ,Denmark,Switzerland and Sweden

Eric Lambert & Friends- Maiden Voyage
In The Mail to You This Week
Maiden Voyage
Eric Lambert & Friends
Eric Lambert has been pickin' and grinnin' his way into people's hearts for over 40 years. Specializing in the fiery art of flatpicking, he has built a distinguished career writing, performing, recording, and teaching Americana music in and around Chicago, and beyond. Traces of rock, folk, bluegrass, and blues can be detected throughout his music, which is delivered with energy, soul, and inspiration. His voice, presence, and precision moves audiences to their feet, while his playful spirit and warm sense of joy makes them feel right at home. Eric's music resonates the old school philosophy of the groundbreaking musicians who inspired him; music should know no boundaries. Influenced by Duane Allman and Dickey Betts at an early age, Eric discovered country and bluegrass music through the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." Raised on Chicago's south side, he cites diverse influences as catalysts in shaping his unique roots music sound. His original voice was crafted by blending the bluegrass approaches of Tony Rice, Clarence White, and Norman Blake with those of his main influences such as B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, and Old & In The Way. Eric excels at every style of music he performs, moving through them with an uncanny ease and smoothness. The richness of diversity in his influences is evident in his playing and throughout his vast career, which spans 10 countries as a solo artist and as a band member. Some career highlights include playing with Virgil Kane along with Alabama and George Strait, and being a front man in bands such as Big Shoulders, Heartsfield, Valerie Smith Band, and most recently Chicago's award-winning Henhouse Prowlers, being featured on their latest album release, "Verses Chapters and Rhymes." He has also appeared in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. His original music collection contains three solo albums, produced and released on his own label, Woodpicker Music. The albums showcase the transformation his music has taken over the decades, ranging from rock to acoustic roots. His first release "Year of the Gnome," was followed up strongly by his next album, "Just The Way I Feel." Receiving rave reviews, his second release has been described as "a joyful celebration consisting of 12 Lambert-written songs featuring heartfelt vocals, passionate guitar playing, and the stylistic versatility that you've come to expect from this talented artist."
DownTown Mystic
DownTown Mystic
The sound of DownTown Mystic is "vintage yet modern". The music is rooted in all the great traditions of American Rock'n'Roll, blending story telling songs with vintage guitars and analog recording into a unique style that owes nods to Buffalo Springfield,
The Byrds, Eagles, The Beatles and Rolling Stones but somehow manages to sound as contemporary as anything currently available.

 DownTown Mystic was off and running. Besides gaining recognition from Radio programmers, DownTown Mystic has also had music placed on American TV, including "The Voice" on NBC, "American Pickers" on the History Channel, as well as shows on MTV, WE and Lifetime Channels.

"one of the best albums of the year"...John Shelton Ivany/

"brilliantly conceived piece of musical art"...Rod Ames/

"unpretentious spirited music with personality and an endless flow of energy that is simply irresistible"...Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck/

"DownTown Mystic is a real pleasure: a pure sound with a brilliant production and top musicians gives the listener the feeling there is still reasons to hope in Music"...Mike Penard "The DJ" / "American Roots Music"/RadioISA/France

"Who has ever succumbed to the charm of Creedence Clearwater Revival, will love Robert Allen's DownTown Mystic"...Franz XA Zipperer/Piranha/Germany

"With Robert Allen and DownTown Mystic we are in the field of best crafted rock'n'roll"...Davide Albini/Roots Highway/Italy

Check out DownTown Mystic on the web at:

Nu Blu- TEN-- Now That's Americana
Great start- Going for Adds!!
nu blu ten

Nu-Blu - Shadows Of The Night [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country]
Nu-Blu - Shadows Of The Night [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country]

Ten celebrates our 10th anniversary with 10 new songs that we feel pass through the full range of emotions, from songs to make you cry to songs that make you fly. We explore life on the road, family devotion, tragic loss, the joys of love, patriotism, and no regrets. We've even included a brand new original instrumental that will leave you breathless. This is our best album yet and we can't wait to share it with the world.

Rural Rhythm Records
Song Info:
That Road- Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Levi Austin (vocal, banjo), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Jim VanCleve ( fiddle)

Without a Kiss- Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

Caught in the Middle- Daniel Routh (lead vocal, guitar), Carolyn Routh (vocal, bass), Levi Austin (vocal, banjo), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

Eddie's Garage- Levi Austin (lead vocal, guitar), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Carolyn Routh (vocal, bass), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

Trains I Didn't Take- Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Levi Austin (vocal, banjo), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

The Seed- Daniel Routh (lead vocal, guitar), Carolyn Routh (vocal, bass), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar), Austin Koerner (mandolin), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

All Americans- Daniel Routh (lead vocal, guitar), Carolyn Routh (vocal, bass), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar), Austin Koerner (mandolin)

It's a Good Day to be With You- Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Levi Austin (vocal, banjo), Austin Koerner (mandolin, shaker egg), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

Giant Squid (instrumental)- Austin Koerner (mandolin), Daniel Routh (guitar), Levi Austin (banjo), Carolyn Routh (bass), Ron Stewart (fiddle)

Shadows of the Night- Carolyn Routh (lead vocal), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar), Austin Koerner (mandolin)




On Your Desk- The Jimmy Ray Guns- "Company's Comin!"


The Jimmy Ray Guns
Jimmy Ray Guns- Company Comin
Jimmy Ray Permenter - Lead Vocals, Guitar

John Permenter - Fiddle

Brian Thomas - Steel Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Vocals, Producer

Joseph Permenter - Bass, Vocals

Joe Deleon - Drums

Earl Poole Ball - Piano

Big John Mills - Guitar

Gene Elders - Fiddle

Lloyd Maines - Baritone Guitar

Mike Morgan - Engineer, Vocals

Jenny Miers

Who Hit John? -  IF YOU PLAYED Pokey LaFarge  you'll like these guys!!

Who hit John

Whistle on the Rail by Who Hit John 


Who Hit John
Who Hit John- Videos!!
Who Hit John? have been performing, jamming and busking around southwest Michigan since 2006. They've brought their energetic and original old time sound to bars,
basements, street corners, concert halls - Anywhere they can get folks stompin', singin' and clappin'. Joined together by a love for acoustic music and its vibrant scene in Michigan, this derelict group of misfits and prophets are intent on taking the world by storm, one song at a time.

Whether kicking out rawkus fiddle tunes, dirty and greasy southern blues, or high and lonesome bluegrass serenades, Who Hit John? keep the home fires burning, carrying on the tradition of American roots music. All five members write and sing, providing a wealth of material and influences. Who Hit John? always bring audiences something exciting and new.



 Bo Porter- "Try It, you'll Like it"


 The best Roots Music, Americana, Original, Texas Music, Real Deal, you've heard in years. A real life done everything Man, Country Music  Encyclopedia and first class performer. Might be the only guy you ever meet who's seen a polar bears up close and used to catch rattle snakes for spending money as a kid.  All true stories.  Florida, Alaska, California, Overseas and everywhere in-between; the internet has been instrumental in connecting Bo Porter fans across the globe. With a music career already spanning decades Bo has made a lot of fans along the way.
 With genuine musical heritage and steeped in classic country traditions sets a vocal standard  you haven't seen in years.   Hi's voice has compared with Marty Robbins, Faron Young, Merle Haggard, & even Johnny Cash.
Bo's unique style makes traditional hits all his own.  Classic Country, bits of Blues, Rock n' Roll, and a lot of heart and soul is what Bo Porter delivers.  Including the audience in all his performances, keeps them coming back.   Award Winning Songwriter and
     TMA Male Vocalist Nominee.
     The Bo Porter show is a must see.

Video link
Bo Porter on Songwriters Across Texas Television Show
Bo Porter on Songwriters Across Texas Television Show
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